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When you choose M2 Luxuries, you are choosing a company that stands behind its vendors every step of the way! Once you get your vehicle wrapped, you can maintain it with our Luxury Car Care!

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PlastiDip Wraps

- Can be removed at any time

- Good rock chip protection

- Rubber textured finish and feel

- Multiple finishes (Matte, Satin or Semi Gloss)

- Heat resistant up to 250 degrees.

IMPORTANT: Vehicle shown has PlastiDip Black Out & Plastidip Wheels all done in house by our team!

Wheel & Calipers

- Liquid Wrap

- Powder Coat

We can Dip your wheels with plastidip, proline or auto flex. We also offer powder coating for a more permanent solution. Let us know which one you'd like a quote for!

Black Out Kits

- Chrome Deletes

- Emblems

- Body Kits and more...

Any of these services can be done in any color you choose, with PlastiDip, Proline, Auto Flex or vinyl! We have samples for you to check out.

Proline Wraps

- Can be removed at any time

- Better rock chip protection!

- Multiple finishes (Frosted, Matte or Satin)

- Nearest to a Vinyl Wrap

- Heat resistant up to 250 degrees.

Autoflex Wraps

- Can be removed at any time

- Double as PPF (Paint Protection Film)

- Best rock chip protection!

- Fuel resistant​

- Multiple paint like finishes (High Gloss or Matte)

- Can be buffed, waxed, sanded and polished.

- Heat resistant up to 250 degrees.

Vinyl Wraps

- Full wraps

- Stripe kits

Our vendors can change the look of your car with a stripe kit, or a full wrap. Every part is carefully removed and reinstalled with wrapped edges for a clean finish.

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