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Supercharge Detail - 8 hr

Full exterior & Interior Detail + Ceramic Sealant + Deep Shampoo + Clay Bar Decontamination

  • 8 hours
  • 399 US dollars
  • M2 Luxuries

Service Description

1. Thorough Vacuum 2. We remove all cup holder, dash and door inserts and scrub them. 3. Interior wipe down of your dash, console & door panels. 4. Interior is steam cleaned ensuring a clean finish. 5. We then remove and clean your floor mats 6. We deep clean all rubber seals 7. We deep clean the door jambs 8. Seats & carpets are deep cleaned, sprayed, scrubbed and extracted (shampooed) 9. Water based dressing applied to prolong the life of the interior plastics/vinyls. (New car look with out any greasy feeling) 10. We rinse & pre soap the entire exterior causing loose dirt to fall off. 11. We use a small brush and get into all the hard to reach areas. 12. We clean the face of your wheels and the barrels (when applicable) 13. We then use our extra soft plush wash mitt and clean each panel 14. Then we dry and apply a Ceramic Sealant for extra protection from the harsh elements. 15. We clean all your glass panels inside and out. 16. We then dress the exterior with a water based dressing that gives a new shine look without the greasy feel! Also Included: 1. Entire vehicle is decontaminated with a claybar removing the sand like texture leaving behind a silky smooth finish. EXTERIOR UPGRADES 1. Exterior stage 1 polish. What is it? This process will help bring back the gloss your vehicle use to have at one point. It will remove minor swirl marks and help with the overall appearance. We use a very fine polishing compound and super soft pads. This process alone can take 2 to 3 hours. + $200 & Up (price varies by vehicle condition) INTERIOR UPGRADE 1. Pet Hair Removal + $25 & Up ***Additional charges may occur for commercial/lifted or modified vehicles and vehicles with excessive dirt, grime, pet hair and build up. Please confirm your schedule as our details take 4 to 6 hours on average. Your credit will be shown on the final invoice due upon pickup/drop off.***

Contact Details

  • 3102 East Cortez Court, Irving, TX, USA