How to use

  1. Pre wash the car to remove any dirt
  2. Spray your choice of lubricant. (Sleek or Plush)
  3. Swipe the synthetic clay bar, applying light to medium pressure
  4. Apply more pressure if light to medium pressure does not work
  5. Make sure to spray more lubricant to ensure the pad does not dry out
  6. Once finished, rinse vehicle with water and air dry
  7. The synthetic clay bar can be cleaned with mild soap and water and air dried as well

Synthetic Clay Bar

$20.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price

The synthetic clay block removes embedded dirty,makes the surfaces smooth,faster and protecting paint a bit more than the traditional clay bar. Easily removes paint over spray, water spots, rail dust and other bonded contaminants from automotive paint and glass surfaces. Easy to grip design.