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RETAIL: $50.00-$60.00


How to use

  1. Clean surface, dry & tape off areas not being treated.
  2. Shake bottle and spray generously, moving side to side.
  3. Work products in with a asoft brush for best results.
  4. After 30 minutes, spray second coat for best protection.
  5. Let Zone cure for 24 hours with zero liquid contact.
  6. Re-apply after heavy use, spills or general cleaning!

Zone 1 Gallon

$40.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
1 Ounce
  • Zone forms a hydrophobic barrier that repels liquids on everything from shoes, interiors, convertible tops and carpets! Zone does not change the look or the feel of the surface. True fabric protection!

  • Free local pickup - choose from one of our Authorized Pickup Locations!

    • Choose your APL based on hours & location.
    • We will email you when the order is ready for pickup.
    • Call the APL 1 hour (minimum) before you arrive.


    Priority Shipping - 2 - 4 Business Days Calculated By Weight And Invoiced.


    White Glove Service

    • Complimentary delivery
    • $250+ orders & 30 miles from IRVING
    • Same day delivery if ordered before 12PM
    • Next day delivery if ordered after 12PM
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