This kit is perfect for those who have a professionally installed ceramic coating and want to maintain that coating, or who want to provide the max protection for their paint.


Everything you need to professionally detail your cars exterior! You can use our products in a foam cannon, hose cannon or a wash bucket! Make sure to grab our microfiber chenille wash mitt! If you car feels like sand paper, make sure to grab a clay bar! You can use Sleek as a clay lube & Sealant!


This kit will wash a medium sized vehicle 4 to 6 times!


Crush - Wheel cleaner and iron remover!

Bubbles V.2 - High gloss, super ceramic infused soap! Wash and see how the paint is instantly protected with a nice layer of si02!

Karet - High gloss water based tire dressing! (Looks super nice, not greasy!)

Sleek - High gloss ceramic sealant. Leave a layer of protection that will last you 6 to 8 weeks! Super high gloss, very smooth to the touch and hydrophobic!

Ceramic Detail Kit