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The water that comes out from your tap aka tap water, is not the best water. It has several minerals in it. These minerals leave, what we call, hard water spots. As the water dries on your car, you'll see light grey or white spots all over.

To avoid this, you need to filter your water. The best method is Deionization thru Resin!

These resins are small plastic beads that are composed of organic polymer chains that have charged functional groups built into the resin. Each functional group has either a fixed positive or negative charge.

These charges will remove the minerals that are present in the water and being your TDS, Total Dissolved Solids to Zero! Use Dionized water when washing your car, or when diluting any exterior/interior product.

What type of system do you use? Do you even use one? Does your detailer use it? Make sure you're getting the best service possible. Our *Powered By* detailers only use DI water, aka, deionized water! - #m2luxuries #products #detailersofinstagram #detailsupply #clean #wash #learn #educate #knowledge #ceramic


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