Is Ceramic Coating safe for my paint?

Yes! Ceramic Coating is designed to work with all surfaces, paint, vinyl etc. This protection will only enhance the value of your car and will not void any manufacturer warranty.

Does Ceramic Coating fade, crack, turn yellow or peel?

No! Ceramic Coating products have undergone SGS testing and real-life testing in some of the worlds harshest environments, and surpassed every one of them!

Is Ceramic Coating safe for other surfaces?

Yes! It is made for use on multiple surfaces including plastics, leather, chromes, metals, paints, cloth etc.

Is Ceramic Coating an alternative to wax?

Yes, once Ceramic Coating is applied you will never need to wax again. Cleaning your vehicle’s paint is as easy as maintain as your glass/windshield. No need for abrasive washes or any waxes/sealants.

What is the application process & how long does it take?

The process of Ceramic Coating will take 1 to 4 full days.

  1. Wash and prep the vehicle.

  2. Tape off any surfaces not being corrected and coated.

  3. Paint correction (4 to 24 hours of labor)

  4. A body shop safe prep solvent will be applied to the entire vehicle to get to bare paint.

  5. Each panel of the vehicle will have Ceramic Coating applied, leveled, and stacked to achieve the package you have selected.

Can Ceramic Coating protect my Vinyl Wrap?

Yes, Ceramic Coating will protect your vinyl from accidental spills, stains, oil/grime, and UV rays. Ceramic Coating is completely flexible and will not crack or peel from your vinyl. As with all surfaces, Ceramic Coating offers a self-cleaning effect allowing your vinyl to be easily cleaned. Say goodbye to countless vinyl cleaning agents.

What do I use to maintain my Ceramic Coating?

All you need is Ph Neutral Soap & Sleek or Regen! Following this will enhance the shine, maintain the soft feel and prolong the self cleaning properties.

Will Ceramic Coating protect against water spots?

No, Ceramic Coating will not prevent water spotting, but it WILL allow those pesky water spots to be easily removed without damaging the surface. Because Ceramic creates a protective layer over the substrate, it does not allow the minerals to corrode or etch the surface that the coating is protecting, prolonging the life of your metals, paints, gel coat, plastics, vinyls etc.

Can I apply Ceramic Coating my self?

No, Ceramic Coating must be applied by trained and certified professionals. This product requires a strong attention to detail and an understanding of how solvent based coatings work.

Will Ceramic Coating protect my cars paint against rock chips?

No. Ceramic coating will not protect your cars paint against rock chips. It will however protect your cars paint from rain, dirt, grime, grease etc and make cleaning a breeze!

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