About M2

M2 Luxuries is a family owned Liquid Solutions company.  We offer a wide variety of chemicals that will suit your needs and fit your budget! Get in touch with us today if you have any questions! You’ll be surprised by how convenient and easy it is to do business with us.

  1. Enjoy free shipping on all orders $50 & Up!

  2. Enjoy free local delivery on all orders $50 & Up!

  3. Flat Rate shipping $8.95 for anything under $50!

  4. Full product support for everything we sell!


Our Promise - From the moment you place your order, to the first squeeze of the trigger...know that we have your back no matter what! A feeling felt by so many who love the transparency and honesty we are known for! Every bottle is packed with the best raw materials, with NO shortcuts, ever. Our product line up is simple and effective. You'll notice we don't have 100+ items. We promise to never turn a passion of detailing into a marketing game. We know you've been waiting for a new company to make things right and that's what we're here to do! If you try something and don't like it 100%, we'll buy it back from you, no questions asked! That's how confident we are in our quality

Giving Back - We're dedicated to helping the community that has done so much for us. Dallas is a beautiful city, and we want to see the community grow and prosper. We are actively involved in various charities and causes. We will start sharing with you, what drives us to be the best company than the day before!

Suicide Awareness - We are actively working with various groups to help raise awareness for suicide among teens. Our staff is 100% dedicated, and can be reached at anytime during business hours. If you know someone who needs help, please send them our way. We will get them the help that they need.

  1. Visit the Suicide & Crisis Center of NTX

  2. Feel down? Call a live person who is there for you!